First Minister Brushes Off Warnings of Welsh Tourism "Carnage"

Simon Hart MP pleads with the Welsh Government to "set out a roadmap for the tourism and hospitality industries in Wales."

In his letter, the Secretary of State for Wales writes that it is clear that the tourism industry in Wales has reached a "critical moment". He stated that one member of the Welsh Association of Visitor Attractions had claimed that "the carnage starts in July without a roadmap".

Without a clear roadmap, he says, there is a risk of plunging rural communities into 'deprivation'.

The Welsh Government shrugged off the stark warning, replying:

"We thank Mr Hart for his advice, but the First Minister makes decisions based on safety and science rather than lobbying efforts by UK Government Ministers".

The First Minister has come under fire in recent weeks for his lack of direction for the tourism industry in Wales which, according to the Welsh Association of Visitor Attractions in 2016, amounts to £6.2 billion or 13.3% of the Welsh economy.

Tourism in Wales also directly supports 120,000 jobs, almost 10% of Wales' workforce.

Earlier this month, the Association blasted the Welsh Government stating that the Welsh tourism industry is on the "brink of collapse" and "without a clear roadmap to reopening such as those published in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Government is causing harm".

The First Minister is set to announce changes to the lockdown rules in Wales on Friday.

What is the Welsh Government playing at?

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