UKIP First Party to Commit to Scrapping the Welsh Assembly ahead of 2021 Elections

UKIP Wales have become the first party in Wales to release a document explicitly committing to scrapping the Welsh Assembly.

On the launch of the document ahead of next year's Senedd elections, UKIP's leader in Wales, Neil Hamilton MS stated:

"Today, I launched UKIP Wales’s ‘Statement of Principles’ for the 2021 Senedd Elections. UKIP will:

  • Put people before politicians by holding a referendum to Scrap the Senedd in Cardiff Bay

  • Slash the foreign aid budget to fund the NHS

  • Stop mass-immigration

  • Abolish the House of Lords

  • Introduce a fair, proportional voting system

  • Defend British identity and culture against the onslaught of cultural Marxism disguised as political correctness."

The launch comes one day after UKIP announced that they are "back on track and back in business" after unveiling their new national leader, Freddy Vachha in front of Winston Churchill's statue in Parliament Square.

Mr. Hamilton claims that “UKIP has turned a corner and the fight back starts now. Freddy has the experience and dedication to turn UKIP into an electoral fighting force."

“The last three weeks have been a wake-up call that the Marxist agenda of the Far Left, disguised behind the veneer of the Black Lives Matter movement, has taken hold in British politics."

“Where are our politicians? Our memorials to Britain’s war dead have been vandalised and statues of our national heroes shamefully boarded up to escape a rampaging mob. The silence from the Conservative Party has been nothing short of cowardice."

Is UKIP back on the map?

Click on the image below to read UKIP's full Statement of Principles:

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